Politics is hard, let’s go play in the field instead

With the presidential election in the US happening today, one thing is clear. I’m beyond tired of both candidates already, and the distraction caused by 2+ years of the time spent before this in campaign mode.

I don’t think I’m alone, I believe there are 3 camps of people here:

  1. Those who care and find the drama entertaining.
  2. Those who care but are tired and just want things to get done.
  3. Those who don’t care.

Those in group 1 usually will never move groups. Those in group 3 usually will never move groups. However, those in group 2 are most likely to hop groups, into group 1 or group 3. I fall solidly in group 2. I care enough that I’d like to believe that politics have a place and government has a place, but I don’t believe in the current process anymore.

What I do believe in is results. I also believe that government as a whole (at least the USA idea of government) should cover some very basic things at the very least. Protecting citizens, providing safe roadways to allow for commerce, and things of that nature. When shows like Inspector America are even a real thing and the things they find are utterly scary, that erodes the faith that I have in government doing what I’m paying them to do.

In order to actually communicate what more than 90% of people want to see worked on, the usual idea is to vote in a person that most likely aligns with your ideals. Which doesn’t seem to be working. Part of the problem is the whole partisan thing. Republicans versus Democrats versus Democans versus Republicrats versus Tea Party versus Libertarians is really a mess in a lot of ways. It seems like these groups are all arguing for things that are beyond the basic tenants of what government should be 100% good at. Everyone would probably agree that the government should provide for safe roads and for the USPS for some form of correspondence, but we’re arguing about things like healthcare. I’m not saying healthcare isn’t worth a debate, it is, don’t read it that way. I’m saying that debating that when even more basic things are not being handled is really awful.

The worst part of all of this is that people outside of DC in the US do not feel like people who work in DC get the problems they are facing. They may or may not, that’s not my point. The perception is that the people elected to office just don’t get it.

I know how to solve at least some of these things. But so do a thousand other people. And none of the solutions really align with the other solutions typically. So this is where we sit. Waiting for someone or a group of someones to come along and make changes that change the perception. Then maybe someone else will come along and change the reality.


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