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Building Totem Poles

It seems like forever ago. Chipping away at the long poles for hours, not paying attention to anything except for the chisel, the hammer and the wood. There were more than 30 of us and we were all chipping away. Totem Poles remind me how most of the world works today.

There are all sorts of totem poles. Tall ones, short ones, different amounts of totems on them. The ones we were carving made it into this article and eventually into a park. The ones that people are building today will probably live on for a very long time.

Building a totem pole is much like building a set of applications, a company, or simply improving yourself. For example, in a software company each application is one of the totems. Some are small totems, and some are huge. At least with the totem’s I carved, we would draw out plans for the pole before carving a single one, which is a lot of what people do with...

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Running Zombies are moronic

Here we are again. Someone is destroying things that I love. Running zombies? Meh. Who thought that was a good idea anyhow? I mean, a head shot is hard enough as it is against thousands surrounding you, and now they get to run at you too? These things that can’t turn door knobs or speak, but they get to run and turn over a bus. They can run and climb over each other? The preview on this movie is proof that the world is going to end. Who thought this was a good idea, seriously?

We can all do better than this. Zombies that do not run are much more dangerous, much more of an intelligent horror. You have a chance there. Running zombies pretty much destroy a movie for me. There is no way to actually outrun a running zombie as depicted in movies that feature running zombies.

We all know that World War Z is ruined. So let me explain, once and for all, why running zombies is an awful concept...

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Space is saved

After the PR stunt that was Felix Baumgartner’s (really frackin cool) fall to Earth, there were a few things I thought about. The application of what was proven heading into safety devices for the next decade was one of those. Another was that I’ll most likely feel a tad bit better about drinking red bull. Maybe those alcoholic mixtures in bars that go with red bull will now all have space themed names. That’d be neat I guess.

The most important thought is that space matters again. Not in a small way, but in a big way. People were actually excited about watching, about talking about, and about just knowing that someone was going somewhere to do something that is seemingly impossible. That’s not to say the recent flyovers of a the casket of our previous generations of awe inspiring space explorations, the shuttle, was not awe inspiring. But this was different. Where the shuttle flyover...

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Smartphone battery life

I remember having a t68i that lasted a lot longer than a day on a charge. In fact when it got down to a day, I replaced the battery as I thought it was useless to walk around without being able to be away from a charger for more than 12-14 hours.

Now with my smartphone I’m stuck with something.. less than appealing with regards to battery life. Yes, the new iPhone 7 galaxy 5 s2 iOS android microsoft samsung vizio device of the future will have an amazing size difference. However, I would settle for a heavier, thicker phone if the charge lasted for a week. Or even 2 days.

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Localization is a requirement, here’s a guide

Why read this post?

In the last year Growl has gone through a lot of changes, and translation is one of the big ones. We’ve gone from not actively translating Growl and our other applications at all, to making it a priority. This change has gotten us from under 10 languages that were starting to stagnate due to my stubbornness for doing it right, to 24 languages which are between 95% and 100% completed because we are closer to doing things right. This is a huge change for us, and it’s time to share how we did it so that others can follow similar steps.

What’s all this?

For anyone who is involved in the process of making software, making sure that the end user/customer is able to use your application is usually priority number 1. But what if the person using your software doesn’t speak the same language that you do? Luckily on most platforms you can translate (or have someone else...

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The place is on my screen

I read a post by some guy talking about how the compuhyperglobalmeganet is “still the place”.

Luckily he’s wrong. Using “still” implies that eventually the web won’t be the place, but then he goes on to sell the web dev platform. I’m confused, but whatever. :)

The web is not the only place to do work. But you all already know what the counter to this is don’t you? The whole integration aspect of an application is key. The way an app works (web or not). The responsiveness of an app (desktop or not).

And usually the person making the argument for or against web development or app development is really just arguing for their choice in their development platform. Someone who works on web 5.0 applications with php.activex.net.rails is of course going to want more people to write applications in their favorite language/sdk. Anyone who works on a desktop app is going to deride that web...

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Captcha annoyance

Captcha’s are a requirement on the world nowadays. It seems like at almost every turn I have to enter a captcha. Posting and searching seem to be the two heaviest hitters in the “requires a captcha to use our website”. The oddest one I’ve seen is when purchasing something. I figure my credit card would handle the whole “I’m a real person” perspective.

I’m overall OK with captcha’s though, as long as I can read them. However, it’s not the image but the input line that is beyond annoying. There’s something about them that just does not make any sense to me. Simply put, I do not understand why the input line uses spell check. It just doesn’t make sense. If the spell check actually guesses the word, then you defeat the purpose of the captcha. If it doesn’t and puts in some other word, either the user does not notice the change until it is too late and they get thrown back into the next...

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