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Since the end of February I’ve changed a lot of things in the name of fitness. This is due in large part to a chance meeting on an airplane and a subsequent picture. I was on my way to Brainshare 2013 and caught a connecting flight. I sat down and had a pretty quiet and normal flight. At the end of it I spoke to the person next to me. She mentioned she had made it to Hollywood for American Idol. I thought it would be neat to take a picture with her in so I would know who to root for if I caught an episode (I never did, but Amber was eliminated in early May towards the end of the contest).


After arriving in Salt Lake I looked back to the picture and realized that I was pretty embarrassed. I hadn’t looked at myself in a mirror in a while really other than to shave, and didn’t notice that I’d gained quite a bit of weight. I knew something had to change, much like my doctor had told me...

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Unspoken app store revenue

Every year we hear interesting statistics from Apple regarding the app store. It’s quite impressive really, and they have every right to tout them. Billions sold, billions deposited into the banks of app creators, etc.

One thing that isn’t discussed very much is how much gross revenue Apple receives from their memberships. That 99 dollar fee to get in the door is something that Apple collects yearly. It’s the equivalent of selling mining equipment during the Gold Rush.

The amount of developers this year at WWDC is 5000. So pretend they all pay the 99 dollar fee, and that means that Apple gets 495,000 from just those people. They all don’t, a lot of people are there on behalf of their company that pays once, but it’s an interesting thought.

Apple mentioned today that they have 6 million developer accounts. If that means a separate company per account with a separate 99 dollar fee...

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How would you answer?

In my past I participated in an organization called the Boy Scouts of America. This group of folks have seemingly good goals, and in general I enjoyed my time as a boy scout. I even attained the rank of Eagle Scout, effectively the highest honor. I am proud of what I accomplished while actively participating. I learned a lot of skills that have stuck with me until this day, and a lot of the lessons learned truly shape who I am as a person.

In the last few years there has been a debate over membership, acceptance, and generally whether one group of people can exclude certain members based on a specific criterion. This is an issue that I have been following as I am an alumni.

I was not utterly surprised when in February the vote to allow certain groups was postponed at the national council meeting. The vote that would have been held was to allow or deny people who are attracted to...

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10.9 is coming! Or something

At some point soon we’re going to see a lot of info about 10.9 come out. However, did you know that it’s been around since 2011? Here’s the output from google analytics for http://growl.info against Intel 10.9. Feel free to compare it to this post by MG Siegler showing a smaller time frame.

Note the blip in 2011 and 2012.


You can take this a few different ways. However, here’s how I take it.

  1. Most likely this is 10.9, but maybe it isn’t. It’s not hard to change agent strings.
  2. More importantly. We already knew 10.9 was coming. Apple told us last year that they are doing yearly release cycles.

So yes, 10.9 is coming. Yes, Apple is likely going to copy yet another application that’s semi popular to popular. Yes, they are likely going to continue copying instapaper too. But does a graph from a website analytics page mean much right now? Absolutely not. It’ll mean more later this year...

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Ideas do matter

I just finished reading this post about how ideas do not matter. The post is wrong, ideas do matter. The point the author is trying to make is that trying to hide your idea from others isn’t going to help much, which is probably true.

Ideas do matter though, you can’t change that. A business based on customers paying to have poo flinged at their faces really isn’t going to fly. I just think the author is kind of jaded about it. Ya, don’t worry about people taking your idea so much, but do worry a bit about having a not-crappy idea. However, if your idea for a business is to fling poo at your customers, obviously your idea sucks.

In the end if you can come up with something you can feel good about working on, that’s the real winner here. The inspiration that Eric talks about is very important, so definitely figure that out as well. It’s about the whole package, not just bits and...

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Building Totem Poles

It seems like forever ago. Chipping away at the long poles for hours, not paying attention to anything except for the chisel, the hammer and the wood. There were more than 30 of us and we were all chipping away. Totem Poles remind me how most of the world works today.

There are all sorts of totem poles. Tall ones, short ones, different amounts of totems on them. The ones we were carving made it into this article and eventually into a park. The ones that people are building today will probably live on for a very long time.

Building a totem pole is much like building a set of applications, a company, or simply improving yourself. For example, in a software company each application is one of the totems. Some are small totems, and some are huge. At least with the totem’s I carved, we would draw out plans for the pole before carving a single one, which is a lot of what people do with...

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Maturity for the new year

Steve Jobs presented in 1997 and talked to the crowd about key decisions. One of the decisions that was made was to partner with Microsoft. One of the parts of the partnership agreement was a patent settlement and cross license. This was a choice that clearly was in the best interest of both companies. Microsoft had something that Apple needed, and Apple had leverage over Microsoft. Apple needed a way to stick around, to be blunt. Apple was in no way going to be able to pay the bills or so the story goes.

That’s not the most important part of the 1997 keynote. The most important part is what Steve said a bit later, that “if we want to move forward, to see Apple healthy and prospering again, we have to get rid of something. We have to get rid of this notion that for Apple to win Microsoft has to lose. We have to embrace the notion that for Apple to win, Apple has to do a really good...

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We all have a month to live, i.e. my birthday is the end of the world

On the 21st day of the 12th month of the 2012th year of our lorde, the world shall end. Or so some people say.

Regardless, for the last 5 or so years, I’ve been reminded that my birthday marks the end of the world. Imagine seeing a prequel of your birthday in the form of a movie years beforehand. For a while now I’ve known full well that some people believe that on my birthday, we all go bye bye. Disappear into thin air, blow up, get eaten, eat each other. Or something. Crazy right? Or is it completely sane? Nobody knows. Well maybe Warren Buffet does, but he isn’t warning anyone. He’s too busy.

What am I going to do to prepare for the end of the world you ask? I’m not really sure. I have had plenty of time to prepare, so there is no excuse if I’m not prepared. Every year on my birthday I know it’s one year closer to when the zombies will overtake us. Or something.

For my birthday I...

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Running Zombies are moronic

Here we are again. Someone is destroying things that I love. Running zombies? Meh. Who thought that was a good idea anyhow? I mean, a head shot is hard enough as it is against thousands surrounding you, and now they get to run at you too? These things that can’t turn door knobs or speak, but they get to run and turn over a bus. They can run and climb over each other? The preview on this movie is proof that the world is going to end. Who thought this was a good idea, seriously?

We can all do better than this. Zombies that do not run are much more dangerous, much more of an intelligent horror. You have a chance there. Running zombies pretty much destroy a movie for me. There is no way to actually outrun a running zombie as depicted in movies that feature running zombies.

We all know that World War Z is ruined. So let me explain, once and for all, why running zombies is an awful concept...

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Space is saved

After the PR stunt that was Felix Baumgartner’s (really frackin cool) fall to Earth, there were a few things I thought about. The application of what was proven heading into safety devices for the next decade was one of those. Another was that I’ll most likely feel a tad bit better about drinking red bull. Maybe those alcoholic mixtures in bars that go with red bull will now all have space themed names. That’d be neat I guess.

The most important thought is that space matters again. Not in a small way, but in a big way. People were actually excited about watching, about talking about, and about just knowing that someone was going somewhere to do something that is seemingly impossible. That’s not to say the recent flyovers of a the casket of our previous generations of awe inspiring space explorations, the shuttle, was not awe inspiring. But this was different. Where the shuttle flyover...

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