10.9 is coming! Or something

At some point soon we’re going to see a lot of info about 10.9 come out. However, did you know that it’s been around since 2011? Here’s the output from google analytics for http://growl.info against Intel 10.9. Feel free to compare it to this post by MG Siegler showing a smaller time frame.

Note the blip in 2011 and 2012.


You can take this a few different ways. However, here’s how I take it.

  1. Most likely this is 10.9, but maybe it isn’t. It’s not hard to change agent strings.
  2. More importantly. We already knew 10.9 was coming. Apple told us last year that they are doing yearly release cycles.

So yes, 10.9 is coming. Yes, Apple is likely going to copy yet another application that’s semi popular to popular. Yes, they are likely going to continue copying instapaper too. But does a graph from a website analytics page mean much right now? Absolutely not. It’ll mean more later this year when they pull Gruber into a secret meeting in a hotel, much akin to a 3 day getaway funded by an 8 hour timeshare presentation in a hotel with a hot sweaty salesman.

So here’s to 2013 and the coming 10.9 news articles, web blog posts, and finally the releases, may they be always entertaining. Or else we’re really up the creek.


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